Enjoy a Carefree Lawn with Patio and Pavers—A Dream Backyard Transformation

Transforming your backyard into a carefree, vibrant oasis is no longer just a dream with Always Green Turf. One Arizona home demonstrates the potential of combining artificial grass with pavers to create a versatile outdoor living space that captivates and comforts.

A Lush, Green Sanctuary

At the heart of this transformation lies a large expanse of artificial grass, offering the always-green look that homeowners yearn for. This low-maintenance lawn is the foundation of a backyard designed for relaxation and entertainment. It’s not just about having a green space; it’s about creating an environment where life’s special moments can unfold, from casual family gatherings to spirited weekend barbecues.

Multiuse Paver Pad

Adjacent to the lush turf, a large paver pad presents a stage for various outdoor activities. This feature invites homeowners to set up a chic table and chairs for al fresco dining under the stars or a cozy fire pit area for memorable nights filled with laughter and warmth. The versatility of this paver pad ensures that the backyard adapts to the homeowner’s lifestyle, whether hosting lively social gatherings or enjoying serene solitude.

Walkways of Elegance and Access

The paver walkways offer practical access to all corners of the yard, ensuring every part of this carefully curated landscape is fully enjoyed. The choice of light-shaded stones creates a striking contrast against the darker pavers and vivid turf, adding depth and texture to the overall design.

Cool Comfort in Arizona's Heat

In a state known for its sweltering summers, Always Green Turf provides an innovative solution with products that are 20% cooler than competitors. This cutting-edge feature allows families to enjoy their outdoor spaces comfortably, even on hot days. The professional installation ensures a manicured, beautiful backyard that remains inviting throughout the year, with minimal effort required for its upkeep.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

This backyard redesign exemplifies how artificial grass and strategic paver use can elevate an outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s a testament to the blend of beauty and functionality, providing a carefree lawn with a patio and pavers that meet the homeowners’ needs while exceeding their expectations.


Are you inspired to reimagine your own backyard? With Always Green Turf, achieving a carefree outdoor living space that harmonizes with Arizona’s unique landscape is within reach. Our team of professionals is dedicated to creating custom solutions that reflect your style and enhance your outdoor lifestyle. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and start your transformation towards a carefree lawn with a patio and pavers you’ll love for years.

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