Synthetic Turf Installation: Easy, Safe & Affordable

Synthetic turf installation can seem daunting, but it requires less work and resources than you may imagine. Always Green Turf specializes in making the process easy, safe, and affordable for everyone!

Perfect Artificial Lawns for Any Landscaping Project

Many property owners worry about the cost, complexity, and safety of keeping a perfect lawn. Thanks to synthetic turf installation, they no longer need to. Always Green Turf has made it effortless, secure, and economical to transform any backyard or garden into a verdant masterpiece.

Synthetic turf from Always Green Turf allows you to enjoy luxurious green grass with virtually no maintenance required! Plus, your landscape will remain vibrant throughout the seasons without worrying about added costs or time spent.

Get the perfect artificial turf for your landscaping project today and marvel at its beauty any season of the year!

Artificial Turf Installation for Homeowners

For homeowners looking to make their outdoor space a reflection of their style, artificial turf installation is an excellent way to spruce up any yard. Installing artificial turf allows homeowners to enjoy a vibrant and impressive lawn without the costly upkeep of natural grass.


Always Green Turf provides do-it-yourself options for easy installation, so anyone can have an attractive, low-maintenance lawn to proudly show off year-round. Whether you are after a luxurious green turf or something more unique and creative, Always Green Turf has all the tools you need to create a customized look that fits your aesthetic.

Artificial Turf Installation for Homeowners
Safe, Synthetic Grass for Pet Areas & Athletics

Safe, Synthetic Grass for Pet Areas & Athletics

Installing an area for your furry friends or for athletes to practice their sport safely might seem challenging. However, the innovative options from Always Green Turf make it perfect for those without professional landscaping knowledge or experience. With their range of synthetic grasses designed specifically to meet the safety limitations required by pet areas and athletics, we can quickly transform our yards and backyards into lush and comfortable surfaces at low cost with only basic DIY skills needed.


Easily installed, reliable and safe, Always Green Turf is ideal for pet areas and athletics all year round.

Beautiful Lawns Without the Work for Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, you understand how difficult it can be to maintain a beautiful lawn. Trying to balance everything else that needs to get done, combined with the time and effort involved in caring for grass and flowerbeds, can feel overwhelming.


Thankfully, new do-it-yourself options like Always Green Turf simplify the process of having an attractive outdoor space. These products allow you to customize your lawn through easy installation and low-maintenance upkeep while providing a lush, natural appearance. Not only will this reduce your stress, but it will also add value to your business property.


Investing in synthetic grass from Always Green Turf can turn your outdoor area into one of beauty without all the hard work.

Beautiful Lawns Without the Work for Business Owners

Our Process for an Always Green Process

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To guarantee an accurate installation, our staff will meticulously measure your property.

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Our design team will meet you to choose a layout that suits your lifestyle.

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Our professional installation will clear your yard of old brush and debris, level it, and install your new lawn perfectly to plan.

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Get outside more with a lawn that looks and feels natural and is guaranteed to last for years.

Our Synthetic Grass Materials Are Easy To Maintain

At Always Green Turf, we understand that you want beautiful landscaping that is easy to maintain and safe for everyone. That’s why we provide synthetic grass materials designed with convenience in mind. Our products are designed to be installed quickly, and they maintain their vivid, natural-looking green no matter the weather or season. With our synthetic grass materials, you can get a manicured, beautiful lawn without any extra hassle! Not only do our products stay 20% cooler than other brands on the market, but they’re also great for the environment, pets, and families – giving you peace of mind that everyone can use your lawn safely and comfortably.

How To Install Synthetic Turf Yourself:

Step 01

Prepare the ground for the base layer.

Prep the area by removing existing grass and the top four inches of soil. Pre-planning is critical; we suggest having a dump trailer onsite during this process, as the soil tends to build up quickly! Make sure to dispose of it according to local regulations for best results.

Step 02

Install the base layer.

After you have evened out the area, distribute a 3-inch layer of base material to build a level platform with good drainage. Moisten the ground and use a compactor to create a flat, smooth foundation before placing your material.

Step 03

Unroll the synthetic turf and place it into position.

When laying down your lush new lawn, ensure it is not tugged across the base. Let it sit in direct sunlight for 30-60 minutes to allow for proper expansion of grass blades. Additionally, ensure all stitch patterns and grass blades face one way for optimal results.

Step 04

Trim around the edges to fit your space perfectly.

To give your yard a seamless, polished look, use a box cutter to tailor the new grass to the unique shape of your lawn. Leave an extra quarter-inch or half-inch beyond the edge for finishing touches, and secure each seam with tape and adhesive. Doing this ensures you have an even, natural appearance that will last you years!

Step 05

Secure seams and edges.

To fasten the turf securely to its three-inch base, insert and hammer in 40-D 5-inch non-galvanized turf nails at six-inch intervals. Make sure you slip a few extra nails along seam lines for added reinforcement. After that, brush your freshly laid turf with a power or push broom to raise each blade before applying infill.

Step 06

Add the infill.

Now it’s time to make sure your lawn looks perfect! The amount of infill you use will determine the aesthetic, performance, and longevity of your grass. To apply the infill evenly, purchase a drop spreader that distributes the right amount of material. Subsequently, employ either a power broom or push broom to brush through the turf. Finally, wash off any excess dust by rinsing it away with water.

Step 07

Enjoy your Always Green Lawn.

Now it’s time to enjoy your lawn! Sit back and relax as your friends and family admire the natural-looking, low-maintenance synthetic turf.

Beautiful Yard full of Green Grass
Backyard with a Lawn
Front Yard Lawn and sidewalk

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