Our professional team can handle any size yard and deliver a pristine green lawn that you will love. Our process begins with us utilizing the best synthetic grass product that money can buy! Once our skilled team preps the yard and lays down the turf, you will be able to enjoy your new lawn right away.
Demo Old Yard

Phase One


To begin, we prepare your current property for artificial grass installation by removing dirt, weeds, or anything above ground. We grade the site to prepare the surface and reveal everything beneath it, including electric wiring, irrigation systems, and pipes. The demo phase is all about establishing a solid sub-base for the project.

Phase Two


In the second phase, we spread 2″-3″ inches of crushed granite (or another similar product) to make it simple to construct a level platform with adequate drainage. We dampen the soil lightly and go over it with a compactor until a smooth surface is obtained. After the sub-base is placed, we repeat this process to achieve optimal results. With some applications, we recommend a weed barrier to protect your new lawn from weeds and wild vegetation.

Adding Sub Base
Rolling out the new turf

Phase Three


It’s time to install the new grass once the sub-base is ready. Before installation and depending on the time of year, our staff allows the turf to rest in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour, which helps it expand. Once expanded, we lay your new artificial grass, careful not to drag it across the freshly prepared base and to pay special attention to the blade direction and stitch patterns for a seamless appearance. 

Phase Four


Every yard is unique and rarely a perfect fit without custom fitting and trimming. Our landscaping experts custom-fit your lawn for a flawless, seamless fit by cutting edges to fit any pattern, perimeter, or shape. When trimming the turf to fit the area properly, we overcut the turf by one inch along the edges. This practice provides the excess turf necessary for tucking. We always cut the turf fatter just in case, as we can always trim it later. We use the best tools and utmost precision to get your new lawn trimmed for a curated, landscaped look.

Custom Fitting Turf
Tuck and Secure Turf

Phase Five


With your custom lawn trimmed perfectly, it is time to secure your artificial grass to the ground. We tuck the reserved into the border with a metal putty knife and hammer. Using non-galvanized turf nails or staples, we gently tap the nail or staple to secure the lawn in place. Dispersing the turf blades with our fingers, we drive the nail or staple into the ground approximately six inches along the outside perimeter. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your lawn edge is secure.

Phase Six


In this phase, a power brush is used to pull against the grain of the grass with the heavy bristles, causing it to stand up in preparation for applying the infill. The infill acts as a balance to hold the blades upright while holding the turf to the ground. We spread the infill evenly throughout the turf installation with a drop spreader to ensure even distribution and the maximum longevity of your new lawn. Many different types of appropriate infills may be used, which are not harmful to pets or children.

Installing the Infill
Final Grooming

Phase Seven


Once the infill has been placed, we again employ a power broom to brush the turf, assisting the turf blades in standing straight up and making your new artificial lawn look like freshly mowed grass. We repeat the process until your infill is spread evenly and the seams disappear for optimal stability. Lastly, we rinse the grass of all remaining dust and infill. Brushing up your turf blades will be the only quarterly maintenance recommended besides proper sanitation if you have pets.

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