How to Edge Artificial Grass – Benefits of Proper Edging

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Artificial turf grass is one of the best landscaping additions that have taken the world by storm! It saves time, money, and maintenance, and its eco-friendly nature is another factor most people value. However, one thing that most people overlook when it comes to artificial turf installation is proper edging. Proper edging is essential for several reasons. This article will discuss the benefits of edging artificial grass and what you can edge artificial grass with.

Get Your Lawns in Shape Now - Edging Artificial Grass Techniques and Benefits

Do you want your backyard to look more manicured and polished? A properly edged and installed artificial grass lawn ensures durability and a polished look. It provides beautiful finishing touches to your yards, adding to the overall aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. Let’s look at various edging techniques for artificial grass and their many benefits.

Why Edge Your Artificial Grass?

Edging artificial grass is essential for various reasons. Firstly, it keeps the weeds and grass from encroaching into your lawns and garden beds. Secondly, it makes trimming around the perimeter of your lawns easier. Additionally, it prevents your artificial grass from buckling and moving around, which can result in tripping hazards and safety concerns for children and pets.

Benefits of Edging Artificial Grass:

  1. Enhances Easy Maintenance
  2. One of the significant benefits of edging artificial turf grass is easy maintenance. When the edges are well-defined, it’s easier to clean and maintain, giving it a neat appearance.

  3. Improves Aesthetic Value
  4. Another reason why you should edge your artificial turf thoroughly is that it improves its aesthetic value. Edging enhances the turf’s curb appeal and blends in with the surrounding landscape, giving it a more natural look.

  5. Encourages Drainage
  6. Edging also helps with drainage. Without proper edging, the edges of the turf can fold over, inhibit drainage, and create water puddles that can damage the turf.

  7. Prevents Weeds
  8. Edging of turf blocks weeds that try to invade and choke the turf. It is crucial even when it comes to artificial turf and helps keep the lawn healthy and prevent infestations in surrounding areas.

What You Can Edge Artificial Grass With:

Bender Board

The bender board is sturdy and primarily made of recycled plastic or wood. It provides a clean, decorative barrier and helps hold the turf in place.

Concrete Curbing

The bender board is sturdy and primarily made of recycled plasConcrete curbing is another perfect option for edging artificial grass. When properly installed, it provides a rigid and stable barrier that holds the turf in place. It also offers a durable border that can easily blend with the surrounding landscape if painted or stained.tic or wood. It provides a clean, decorative barrier and helps hold the turf in place.

Brick Borders

If you want to give your turf an elegant, classic look, brick borders are the perfect option. Bricks come in various colors and sizes and can easily blend in with the landscape, creating a more natural look.

Metal Edging

Metal edging is a durable option, especially for homeowners or business owners who want well-defined edges on their artificial turf. It is easy to install and comes in various colors, shapes, and finishes.

Techniques for Edging Artificial Grass

There are two primary ways to edge your artificial grass: the trench method and the above-ground method.

Trench Method

This method involves creating a trench alongside the perimeter of your grass and then placing the edging material into the channel. This method offers a more defined and clean boundary between your lawn and garden beds.

Above-Ground Method

This method involves placing the edging material above the ground level. It is a quicker and less intrusive method than the trench method. However, it may not offer the same depth of stability as the trench method.


While installing your own edging for your artificial grass is possible, it’s important to remember that this can be a complex process. Depending on the type of edging you’re using, you may need to dig a trench and set the boundary in concrete. If you’re not experienced with this type of work, hire a professional to ensure your edging is installed correctly.

How to Properly Install the Edging:

  1. Preparation
  2. The first step in installing the edging is preparing the area. Remove all obstructions, such as rocks, roots, and debris, to ensure the installation is easy and efficient.

  3. Measurement
  4. Determine the length and width needed for the edging. Proper measurement is crucial to get the right size of your chosen material.

  5. Installation
  6. The actual installation process depends on what material you are using. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for respective materials to ensure the installation is done correctly.

  7. Finishing
  8. Once you have installed the edging, use a sod lifter to remove any dirt around the perimeter. Level and compact the soil to ensure the turf grass does not slide around.

Other Tips for Maintaining Your Artificial Grass

Proper edging is just one aspect of maintaining your artificial grass. Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

  • Regularly brush your artificial grass to keep it looking fresh and upright.
  • Remove any debris or pet waste as soon as you notice it.
  • Be careful when using fertilizers, herbicides, or other chemicals on or near your artificial grass.
  • Avoid parking heavy vehicles or equipment on artificial grass, which can damage the turf.

Get Proper Installation and Edging of Artificial Grass with Always Green Turf

Proper edging is essential for artificial turf grass, and it not only improves the curb appeal of the lawn but also ensures easy maintenance and prevents weeds from growing in the turf. Installing the correct type of edging material can be a significant enhancement to your lawn or garden.  


When selecting the suitable edging material, the list is endless. However, the critical factors to consider are durability, aesthetic value, and efficiency in blocking water and weeds. With proper installation and maintenance, edging can significantly lengthen your turf’s lifespan and give your outdoor area a beautiful and neat look. Always Green Turf is Arizona’s most trusted and experienced provider of artificial grass solutions. Our team of experts can help you select the perfect edging material for your turf and provide professional installation services to ensure a flawless finish. Contact us today for all your artificial turf needs! 


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