Elevate The Look of Your Home or Business with Rock Installation

Consider our professional rock installation and landscaping to elevate the look of your home or business's outdoor space. Don't settle for a boring lawn or lackluster garden. Instead, invest in Always Green Turf's professional rock installation and elevate your outdoor space to the next level.

Revamp Your Outdoor Spaces with Stylish and Functional Rock Installation

Consider incorporating stylish and functional rock installations to completely transform your outdoor space. With various colors, sizes, and shapes, rocks are an incredibly versatile material that can add aesthetic and practical value to your landscaping.

Whether you opt for large statement boulders or a pebble pathway, incorporating rocks into your outdoor design can bring your yard a unique and dynamic element. As a bonus, rock installations typically require minimal maintenance and are incredibly durable so that you can enjoy their benefits for years. Ready to revamp your outdoor spaces with rocks? Contact Always Green Turf for expert installation services and advice.

Rock Installation for Home Landscaping

Rock installation can add a touch of elegance and appeal to your landscaping. The choice of stones and arrangement creates a personalized outdoor space that complements your home’s architectural design.


Rock installation not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your yard, but it is also low maintenance. Unlike traditional grass lawns, rocks require minimal watering and weeding, making them an excellent choice for homeowners who want a stunning landscape without too much upkeep.


At Always Green Turf, we have a team of experienced landscapers who can assist you with the design and installation process. Whether you want an intricate pattern or a simple rock garden, we can provide personalized and professionally executed landscaping.

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Parks, Playgrounds & Athletic Fields

Parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields are essential public spaces for every community. To make these places even more inviting, installing rock features can have a tremendous impact. Rock installations enhance the surrounding environment aesthetically and provide unique opportunities for recreation and education.


Always Green Turf is the company to turn to for expert rock installation services, as we know how to create natural rock features that blend perfectly with the existing landscape. Our team of experienced professionals can help transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one with carefully crafted rock landscaping, from simple rock gardens to complex xeriscape installations.


By choosing Always Green Turf experts, you can ensure that your park, playground, or athletic field will look fantastic and be functional for future generations.

Commercial Rock Installation

Commercial rock installation can provide an excellent solution when transforming your outdoor space. This landscaping technique requires the skilled hands of experienced professionals like Always Green Turf.


At Always Green Turf, we take pride in providing first-class commercial rock installation services tailored to your unique needs, creating a visually appealing and functional outdoor space. Our team of knowledgeable professionals has years of experience delivering quality results that surpass customer expectations. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your commercial property will be transformed into something special with the installation of rocks.


So, call us today and witness the magic that commercial rock installation can bring to your business.

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Our Professional Rock Install Process

Measure Icon


Our team will obtain accurate measurements of your property to ensure correct installation.

Design Icon


Our design team is committed to assisting you in finding a layout that accurately represents your residential and business needs and preferences.

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We will dispose of your current brush and debris, prepare the ground by leveling it, and skillfully install the new rock landscaping.

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Enhance the aesthetic and longevity of your property by using attractive and long-lasting materials.

The Phases of Installing Rock Landscaping

Our professional rock installation services can help you elevate your outdoor space without hassle. Our skilled contractors and artisans will ensure your project is done accurately. You can transform your garden, backyard, or walkway with our help. Start your transformation today and enhance the exterior of your property! Let us bring life to any area of your home or business.

How To Install Rock Landscaping:

  1. Planning & Clearing
  2. The first step of every project is planning and preparation. Our team will assess your property’s needs and suggest the best materials for your rock landscaping installation. We will then remove any existing vegetation, debris, or obstructions to prepare your space for the new rocks.

  3. Lay Weed Barrier
  4. After clearing the area, our team will install a weed barrier to ensure weeds and grass do not intrude. This also helps keep your rock landscaping protected from potential soil erosion.

  5. Sand Layer & Leveling
  6. Once the area is clear and ready for installation, we will add a sand layer to level the ground. This helps ensure your rock landscaping looks smooth and uniform, fills in holes, and helps keep rock in place.

  7. Placement of Rocks
  8. Our team will place the rocks in your desired pattern and design. We take extra care to ensure the stones are securely placed, leaving no room for movement or displacement.

  9. Leveling & Final Touches
  10. The last step of our professional rock installation is leveling the stones for a smooth and uniform look. Once it is complete, any extra touches, such as mulch or plants, can be added to the area.

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