Always Green Turf Brings Your Dream Backyard to Reality in Arizona

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In Arizona, homeowners and business owners always look for ways to enhance their outdoor living space. A backyard oasis that’s beautiful, functional, and sustainable can significantly improve the quality of life and increase property value. One such project we recently completed with a homeowner in Arizona is a perfect example of how stunning an outdoor living area can be. The result was breathtakingly gorgeous, surrounding a custom pool with a pristine green lawn, manicured borders, edges, and walkways.

Creating a Stunning Backyard

The first part of this stunning outdoor living area is the custom pool design. A combination of contemporary and traditional design elements creates a unique, functional, and inviting pool. The pool is surrounded by textured concrete to reduce slipping and complement the backyard’s natural and coordinated color palette.


To create a pristine green lawn that required minimal maintenance, we installed artificial turf from our top-quality product line. Our team ensured the turf was level, properly installed, and neatly trimmed around the edges. We take pride in our extensive range of eco-friendly, cost-effective, easy-to-maintain artificial turf options.


Our professionals also worked on manicuring the borders, edges, and walkways around the backyard. We used natural and artificial materials that added texture, structure, and contrast. We incorporated natural stones, rocks, and boulders to create a rustic look that blended well with the desert landscape. Edging with stone pavers and other materials allowed us to add a polished finish that framed the backyard’s design.


Finally, we incorporated xeriscape rock landscaping around the outside of the backyard. Using rocks and stone accents throughout the landscape created a visually appealing and sustainable aesthetic.

Make Your Property Stand Out with Always Green Turf

At Always Green Turf, we take pride in delivering beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor living spaces for our clients in Arizona. From pristine green lawn installations to borders, edges, and rock landscaping, we have the expertise and knowledge to make your dream backyard a reality. We aim to enhance your outdoor living space so that it’s not just a space to look at but a space to enjoy with family and friends. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and take the first step toward creating your stunning new backyard.

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