Versatile Backyard Design to Enjoy Arizona's Seasons

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A flexible outdoor space that suits the weather can make enjoying the outdoors in Arizona easier. Imagine a backyard that combines relaxation and activity, where nature and design come together. One Arizona homeowner made this dream a reality with the help of Always Green Turf.


Synthetic grass from Always Green Turf is perfect for desert climates. This space isn’t just a backyard; it’s a nature-inspired area for year- round enjoyment. Built to withstand summers and host gatherings in cooler weather, it’s a versatile oasis shaped by the homeowner’s vision and Always Green Turf’s innovation.

Design Elements for Every Season

The crowning jewel of any desert backyard is the pool area, a refreshing oasis for those scorching days. Surrounded by a spacious covered patio, it offers a fantastic retreat from the desert heat and a perfect spot for sun-soaked afternoons.


But there’s more to this backyard than the pool. The kidney bean- shaped artificial grass area adds an unexpected touch of whimsy, breaking up the rectangular yard with its anamorphic shape. This lush, vibrant patch of green adds a pop of color and provides a comfortable space for kids to play or adults to relax. The surrounding stamped concrete curbing further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the artificial grass. It defines the area and adds an upgraded design element to the landscape, demonstrating how attention to detail can elevate a backyard from ordinary to extraordinary.


This backyard doesn’t shy away from embracing nature, either. Plenty of trees dot the landscape, providing ample shade and a sense of tranquility. Whether reading a book under the dappled sunlight or enjoying a picnic with the family, these shaded areas offer a respite from the Arizona sun.


A stone paver walkway winds around the home, adding a rustic charm to the landscape. It guides visitors through the yard and is a practical pathway, especially during rainy weather.


Finally, the rest of the yard features rock fill, a popular landscaping choice in Arizona due to its low maintenance and drought resistance. It complements the other elements of the yard perfectly, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing landscape.

Unleashing the Potential of Outdoor Spaces

This Arizona home’s backyard is a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful landscaping. It’s a space that caters to every family member’s needs and preferences, offering areas for play, relaxation, and entertainment.


At Always Green Turf, we understand that a backyard is more than just an outdoor space. It’s an extension of your home, where memories are made. That’s why we’re committed to helping homeowners create their dream backyards, using high-quality products like artificial grass and personalized design services.

When choosing the best artificial grass for your property, select one that is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for the desert climate. Various types of synthetic grass are available in the market, including nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene options. Nylon is known to be the most robust and most durable material, but it is typically recommended for something other than hot environments due to its tendency to melt. Polypropylene is a cheaper option but is prone to getting hot and needs to be kept clean to prevent mold. Polyethylene is the most commonly used synthetic turf material, as it’s softer and more realistic-looking than other options.

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